Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whispering Falls:The Beginning

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Playmate

Dory looked around at the sun-dappled back yard and sighed. It was late summer and school would be starting soon. To 5-year-old Dory, that was a fate worse than death almost. Not only would she have to leave her mommy for the very first time ever but also she would have to leave her best and only friend.

She looked over to where Marissa was sitting on the blue blanket that she had spread under the old apple tree for their tea party and tried to smile. Marissa was mad still that Dory was leaving her in a few weeks. Mommy and Daddy said to tell her that she would be home to play with her every day. Dory wondered why her parents looked at each other and smiled every time she talked about Marissa. Then like most 5 year olds, she brushed it off and went to play with her friend.

She still had to keep herself from laughing sometimes at Marissa’s funny way of talking and her mommy never made her change her clothes. Boy, Dory wished her mommy was like that. She always made Dory take a bath and change her clothes a zillion times a day. Marissa wanted to go into the woods and run away so that Dory didn’t have to leave her but Dory was scared. She sat down on the blanket and sighing once again started to pour the tea for her friend, changing the subject to dolls and books she had read.

April looked out of the window and shook her head with a slight smile. Dory was at it again. Maybe once she started school she would finally give up on her imaginary playmate. She shivered as Dory got up and walked towards the woods on the side of the house singing, and swinging her hand just as if someone was walking beside her holding it. She brushed off the sudden chill laughing at herself and went to prepare dinner.

Terror in the neighborhood

Skye looked around the quiet neighborhood still feeling as if she was being watched; the sound of the door slamming next door had her jumping and turning to look quickly behind her. She had to laugh at herself when the children dressed as witches and goblins came running up to her giggling at the teenager who was scared of them. She was after all an adult to them, someone who should be afraid of nothing.

She took the time to talk to the little creatures of the night, tickling them and asking if they were going to get lots of candy. She saw something out of the corner of her eye and shivered in the cool October wind as the children ran off giggling for a night of magical trick or treating. Skye stood for a few more moments her arms wrapped around her waist tightly, looking out over the peaceful neighborhood that she had grown up in.

She had the creepiest feeling that all of the cozy houses along the tree lined street were being set up for a massacre. She laughed at her silly thoughts, imagining a Michaels Meyers look alike hacking his way through the friends and neighbors she had grown up around. She shrugged it off when in the back of her mind the images just wouldn’t go away, turning to go into the house to get ready for her date.

She had been inside for about ten minutes when the man climbed out of her closet. Her last coherent thought was that she should have listened to her own instincts and warned the children of what was to come.

Skye's morning thoughts

As I sit down with my second cup of coffee of the morning my thoughts are racing. I started this blog to showcase my creative writing but I want it to be so much more. I started writing in Jr. high but just recently decided to try to do it for money. I'm going to start working on a book pretty soon. A mystery fiction set in a small southern town. Go figure. Can you tell I'm from the south! 

I write how to articles for extra money but my heart is in my creative work. Somehow writing about how to change a tire is just not as inspiring as a good, old fashioned mystery. So I figured why not start a blog to put my creative works in and here I am! 

This first entry is not much as you can see. LOL. I'll get better as time goes on. I'm off to write the first short story that I'm going to feature here. 

Toodles for now!